Local and Regional Food Systems Response to COVID

Recovery and Resilience

“What would 2020 have looked like if a collaborative network of research, engagement, and outreach across local and regional food system stakeholders, university researchers, and USDA leadership had been in place?” This is the question the Local and Regional Food System (LRFS) Recovery and Resilience project asks as the team reflects upon and examines the lessons, impacts, and successes of the first phase of the LRFS Response to COVID-19 project and frames its future mission. The project focuses on translating lessons learned from local food systems stakeholders during the COVID-19 pandemic and simultaneous social crisis into a specific, long-term collaborative strategy for fostering recovery, and equitable approaches to LRFS resilience.


Consumer Food Insights Series 3.0 Webinar

How Did Consumers Respond and What May Persist?

April 25, 2024
10 AM Mountain Time (12 PM Eastern Time)

Does your city, region, or state have its own food systems map, or are you considering creating one? When developing a food system map, having a clear idea of what data to include, and the processes for maintaining it is a vital first step. In this webinar, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Marketing Service and Colorado State University’s Food Systems Institute will explore and showcase a new data resource available to you to help make some of these essential early decisions.
The new resource, located at https://localfoodeconomics.com/data includes more than 300 indicators developed by representatives of dozens of local and regional food systems organizations through an equity lens. These indicators cover topics including labor, community resources, nutrition security and food access, business development and infrastructure, and local food sales. Hear from members of the team that created and maintain this resource, and join in a discussion around how we can collectively support local, regional, and state food systems data and mapping efforts.

Latest Resources

Resilience Playbook Project Team

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National Farm to School Network

Beginning with an idea by Danielle Chynoweth, supervisor for the Cunningham Township Supervisors Office (CTSO), and her team, Solidarity Gardens CU is a coalition of community partnerships and volunteers, that has demonstrated that the soil found in the Midwest….
Choctaw Fresh Produce (CFP) is a native-led, organic farming project centrally located in Mississippi’s Neshoba County. Since 2012, CFP has challenged food inaccessibility and strengthened food sovereignty for the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians…..


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We invite you to the Consumer Food Insights Series 3.0 Webinar, co-hosted by USDA AMS and Colorado State University. In this webinar, the project team will present new findings from their third nationwide survey of food purchasing and consumer behavior since the COVID-19 pandemic. These findings may help guide Local and Regional Food Systems (LRFS) business, policy makers, and community organizations.

Date: Thursday, April 25, 2024

Time: 10 AM Mountain Time (12 PM Eastern Time)

Register in Advance Here: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0sdOysrz0qG9Ul79e6AT-5l94pomLUh76l