Goals of the Project

  • 1. Foster cross sector learning and collaboration across Local and Regional Food Systems (LRFS) sectors.
  • 2. Capture emergent strategies and innovations addressing COVID-19 shocks from LRFS stakeholders and translate those insights into readily accessible resources and educational materials.
  • 3. Assess short, mid, and/or long-term economic impacts and shifts in consumer purchasing patterns, knowledge, or other perceptions relative to LRFS as motivated by the COVID-19 crisis.
  • 4. Investigate systematic or structural shifts within LRFS resulting from COVID-19 disruptions, and leverage research insights to support their long-term success and resilience in a post-COVID-19 world.
  • 5. Empower and strengthen the visibility of Community of Practice Coordinating Organizations (COPCOs) as technical assistance providers to their sector.
  • 6. Increase communications and interactions between on-the-ground practitioners and AMS staff when providing technical assistance to practitioners.

Project Team

USDA Agricultural Marketing Service

Jeff O’Hara
Samantha Schaffstall
Ron Batcher
Christina Conell
Yvette Garcia
Karl Hacker
Ken Keck
Sasha Pokrovskaya
Ed Ragland
La Tasha Thomas
Americo Vega-Labiosa

University of Kentucky

Lilian Brislen
Tim Woods
Jairus Rossi
Emily Spencer
Brett Wolff
Bryan Brady

Colorado State University

Dawn Thilmany
Becca Jablonski
Hailey Edmondson


Partner Networks:

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