Goals of the Project

Action Teams

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  1. Create a data warehouse of secondary, primary, and innovative indicators of LRFS assets, health, and dynamics
  2. Co-create strategies for collaborative data collection and analysis for insights into LRFS sectoral and cross-sectoral market phenomena;
  3. Organize a sustained cross-sectoral data and metrics community of collaboration; and,
  4. Improve understanding and usage of data through interviews with partners
  5. Want to get involved contact team lead at becca.jablonski@colostate.edu
  1. Create a space to identify and address shared issues, develop novel collaborative strategies across previously disconnected sectors, and support easy-to-access to governmental policy and program leaders seeking to understand and address LRFS
  2. Want to get involved contact team lead at Libby.Christensen@colostate.edu
  1. Create a collection of recommendations, resources, and case studies into a multi-media resource
  2. The resilience playbook will provide recommendations for effective strategies for supporting and leveraging LRFS in 1) preparation for a disaster/disruption, 2) timely and appropriate response to disaster/disruption and, 3) mid- and long-term strategies for fostering equitable, inclusive, and resilient local and regional food systems.
  3. Want to get involved contact team lead lilian.brislen@colostate.edu

Network of Networks

Our Network of Networks continues cross agency and sector learning, collaboration, and strategic action by convening organizations leading local and regional food system stakeholder networks, university-based researchers, and USDA staff and leadership to share urgent and emergent issues, coordinate strategies and programing, and foster cross-stakeholder communication and collaboration.

Abby Long (USDA)
Samantha Schaffstall (USDA)
Christina Conell (USDA)
Lilian Brislen (Colorado State)
Dawn Thilmany (Colorado State)
Ellie Bomstein (Wallace)
Susan Schempf (Wallace)
Annelise Straw (UKY)
Libby Christensen (Colorado State)

Resilience Playbook

Our Resilience Playbook team is developing a multi-media strategy kit for food systems leaders so that we can “stay read” for the next disruption. By identifying the strengths and vulnerabilities of local and regional food systems in times of crisis, the playbook will support leaders in developing immediate term, mid-term, and long-term strategies for fostering equitable and resilient food systems.

Lilian Brislen (Colorado State)
Samantha Schaffstall (USDA)
Yvette Garcia (USDA)
Liv Froehlich (CSA Coalition)
Carrie Sedlak (CSA Coalition)
Susan Schempf (Wallace)
Deb Trocha (Coop Development Centers)
Tomas Delgado (National Farm to School Network)
Elizabeth Atwell (Wallace)
Annelise Straw (UKY)
Libby Christensen (Colorado State)

Data and Metrics

The Data and Metrics initiative is focused on fostering greater data efficacy and literacy across local and regional food systems by engaging project stakeholders in completing a gap analysis of existing local and regional food system data, fostering peer mentorship, and providing technical assistance.

Becca Jablonski (Colorado State)
Dawn Thilmany (Colorado State)
Mackenzie Gill (Colorado State)
Hannah Leighton (Farm to Institution New England)
Peter Allison (Farm to Institution New England)
Ben Feldman (Farmers Market Coalition)
Dar Wolnick (Farmers Market Coalition)
Diana Broadaway  (Farmers Market Coalition)
Willa Sheikh (Farmers Market Coalition)
Josh Stoll (Local Catch)
Ashley Colpaart (The Food Corridor)
Hailey Edmondson (The Food Corridor)
Tim Woods (UKY)
Brett Wolff (UKY)
Emily Spencer (UKY)
Jairus Rossi (UKY)
Americo Vega-Labiosa (USDA)
Ashley Chaifetz (USDA)
Libby Christensen (Colorado State)

Project Team

USDA Agricultural Marketing Service

Samantha Schaffstall
Ashley Chaifetz
Christina Conell
Yvette Garcia
Americo Vega-Labiosa

University of Kentucky

Tim Woods
Jairus Rossi
Brett Wolff
Annelise Straw

Colorado State University

Dawn Thilmany
Becca Jablonski
Lilian Brislen
Alex DeJoy
Libby Christensen
Mackenzie Gill
Allie Bauman
James Hale


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