Farmers Market Coalition

Sector Snapshots
About Farmers Market Coalition
The Farmers Market Coalition is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to strengthening farmers markets across the United States so that they can serve as community assets while providing real income opportunities for farmers.

The priorities of FMC are:

To serve as an information center for farmers markets.
To be a voice for North American farmers market advocacy.
To foster strong state and regional farmers market associations.
To bring private and public support to the table to sustain farmers markets in the long term, for the benefit of farmers, consumers, and communities.
To promote farmers markets to the public.
To develop and provide educational programming and networking opportunities for farmers market managers and farmers market vendors.

Many agencies and groups support farmers markets – cooperative extension, food security advocates, departments of agriculture, and a host of nongovernmental organizations. The FMC supports these efforts in serving as a central hub from which to locate allies, identify and share best practices, and positively impact public policy pertaining to farmers markets.
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