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The COVID-19 pandemic created disrupted supply chains in many industries. Since 2020, it is not uncommon to visit a grocery store and see a lack of meat products. Though many factors contribute to these shortages, processing capacity in large….
CT Grown for CT Kids is a statewide grant program run through the Connecticut Department of Agriculture to help establish and further farm-to-school opportunities in CT schools. This grant program was first announced in late October 2021. It is….
Leveraging the Collective Strength and Wisdom of Remote Communities While there are several similarities to food system disruptions across communities, islands like Puerto Rico and its municipality, Culebra are presented with unique impacts and challenges when it comes to….
The Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics The COVID-19 pandemic and associated public health and social distancing mandates caused unprecedented shifts and disruptions for local and regional food systems (LRFS). The pandemic also brought new and heightened attention….


The Pandemic Response and Safety (PRS) Grant Program provides grants to specialty crop producers and processors, other select producers, meat and other processors, distributors, and farmers markets to respond to coronavirus, including for measures to protect workers against novel….
In 2020, FMC piloted an annual report to highlight farmers market adaptations and trends in the era of COVID-19. These types of reports can be used to demonstrate a market’s flexibility and highlight its successes stemming from market innovations….
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