Format: Google Sheets


Google document organizing COVID-19 resources for the higher education sustainability community. Categories include: Articulating Connections Between Coronavirus Crisis and Sustainability, Equity and the Coronavirus, Resources on Policy Responses that Support Sustainability, Working Online and Creating Virtual Events, Student Support Resources, Upcoming Engagement Opportunities, Including Earth Day Ideas, Energy Management During Campus Closures, and Zen & Reprieve….

Wallace Center at Winrock International

In response to shifting supply and demand, many food systems practitioners are turning to mapping to better understand the supply chains in their regional food systems. Oftentimes, mapping efforts are not coordinated and can be inefficient or inequitable if not created collaboratively. Wallace Center created this spreadsheet to provide resources on mapping tools and platforms, and also to try and create connections between people making similar maps or working in similar regions. Feel free…

Wallace Center at Winrock International

This is a spreadsheet that compiles educational resources to help food systems organizations navigate the COVID landscape. It includes links to listservs for specific interest groups, and resources on policy, funding, food safety, equity and justice and other topics. It is not comprehensive but provides a broad range of tools and ideas to support organizations' adaptation and recovery….
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