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CSA Innovation Network

This report synthesizes input from 170 respondents on 23 ecommerce platforms and highlights the nine most popular platforms used by the participating farmers. The report is layered, allowing readers to quickly assess each platform and then click into more detail as they choose, including written farmer profiles and farmer-led video tours of the platforms….

CSA Innovation Network

Join Corinna Bench of and Tessa DeMaster of Willow Haven Farm to learn best practices around how to build a strong early bird CSA sign-up campaign. Corinna will share her inspiring story and include recommendations on how to set up a marketing campaign that will get current CSA customers to make a financial commitment to the farm far in advance….

NAFDMA Agritourism Association

NAFDMA – The International Agritourism Association hosted a member roundtable discussion to offer resource sharing, idea generation, and practical solutions as the industry tackled the effects of COVID-19 on the agritourism industry. This was the very first discussion held at the beginning of the crisis as many businesses were forced to shut down, or navigate the world of being considered an "essential food business" and work to ensure their customer and employee safety. This…

National Association of State Departments of Agriculture NASDA Foundation

The Florida Seasonal Crop COVID-19 Impact Assessment was assembled utilizing phone interviews with growers on April 15, 2020. It must be noted that markets as well as selling and purchase strategies change rapidly, almost daily, for most crop sectors with the current conditions of the market. Fluctuations for some of the projected figures could be expected….
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